Optimize YOUR BUSINESS for exit, profits, or freedom!

We help entrepreneurs design and optimize their business for maximum value…

At ExitDNA, we work closely with founders of successful businesses to actively and strategically plan for profitable exits in the future by focusing on frameworks that give them OPTIONS — including the option to sell, to simply run the business more efficiently for maximum profit, to create more freedom, or to achieve unique lifestyle goals. 

Whether you’re currently generating seven or eight figures in annual revenue and want to exit within the next 24 months, you’re an earlier-stage startup wanting to position your company’s IP, assets, and infrastructure for a five to ten year exit plan, or you just want to enjoy the fruits of running a well-oiled and profitable business…

ExitDNA will help position you for success, increase your exit opportunities, and maximize your company’s value to potential buyers.

Who am I?

I’m Mac Lackey, and I’m a serial entrepreneur and angel investor.

Over the past 24 years, I’ve started, scaled, and exited six of my own companies (each sold for seven or eight figures), selling to both private and public companies here in the U.S. and internationally. I’m also an investor in over 50 startups.  

I’m the founder of ExitDNA and the active “mentor” you’ll work with personally. I’ve also pulled in my personal team of experts (some of the best in the country) across the legal, technology, marketing, and finance domains to ensure you have access to my personal SWAT team.

Through ExitDNA, I apply over two decades of experience in the startup world to coaching, mentoring, and guiding small groups of founders through the process of designing their businesses so they CAN be sold—at the same time maximizing value for all parties involved.

Sometimes those around you (partners, employees, board members, investors, etc.) have different timelines and/or agendas than your own. If you’re a founder who wants to optimize for exit, you need to understand these factors and create alignment where possible, and you absolutely need an unbiased advocate to help you navigate the process.

ExitDNA offers multiple options to maximize flexibility on price and schedule, including a completely self-guided version, the Academy format (a hybrid of self-guided with some group interaction and one-on-one with Mac), and the full ExitDNA MasterClass experience (my 8-week instructor-led program in small cohorts with other founders, CEOs, and executives to maximize your immersion in the content). In any of these options, you’ll dive deep into proprietary frameworks that help you gain confidence in the strategies you need to optimize your business for the lifestyle you want to create.

In our Masterclass, the cohorts are limited in size (i.e. 10 spots per session) to ensure you get one-on-one attention from me and my team. You’ll receive specific, actionable advice and strategies to drive to your goals. You’ll also have the advantage of being supported by a cohort of your peers who are on a similar journey.

That said, we recognize that the founders and CEOs who will benefit most from our program are also likely to be some of the busiest (at least until they’ve implemented the strategies in the course), so we also offer two self-guided versions to accommodate that reality. Our Academy option still offers valuable hands-on touch points including a one-on-one strategy session with me, Live Q&A Sessions, and access to our ExitDNA Slack Group. This ensures that you can still benefit from hands-on instruction and the incredible value of taking the collective journey alongside other founders, so you can learn from their experiences as well.

If you’re interested in applying the principles of ExitDNA to your business,  first select your option:

If you are interested in the full ExitDNA MasterClass experience, complete the application  10 short questions relating to you and your business. Once we receive your application, we’ll either:

1) Determine you are a good fit for the MasterClass, at which point we will follow up with you and provide a private link to join. If you’re not ready to join right away, we can add you to the waitlist for a future session.

2) If we determine you’re not a fit right now, or that we aren’t confident we can help you, we’ll tell you so and try to provide resources to help. You can always decide on one of our great self-guided options or join the masterclass at a later date.

2) If the cohorts are full for your desired session, you can join the waitlist for the next session OR pursue one of the self-guided options instead


Entrepreneur and Angel Investor

An entrepreneur for over twenty years, Mac Lackey has built and sold six companies, served in an advisory capacity to dozens of others, and raised over $75 million dollars in capital. Mac and his startups have been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, USAToday, and The New York Times.

ExitDNA is a transformation program for entrepreneurs, but it’s not for everyone…

ExitDNA is expensive for some. We think it provides massive ROI, but if it feels too expensive you likely AREN’T READY. It requires hard work from you. In our full masterclass academy experience, you’ll be held accountable for your progress (or lack of progress) both to me and to a small group of successful, high-performing peers.

Unless you’re committed to doing the work and willing to accept accountability for your own success, ExitDNA may not be right for you.


  • A minimum of seven figures in annual revenue (OR a plan to reach that level within 36 months)

  • The in-house skills required to execute your vision

  • An openness to being coached / mentored

  • A desire to maximize your company’s value for yourself, your team, and/or your investors

If you aren’t quite there in terms of revenue or an active plan to get there, that is okay. You are welcome to pursue one of our self-guided options or to reapply in the future.


  • People looking to fix a business that is fundamentally broken

  • People who aren’t willing to work hard to create success

  • People looking for a magic bullet solution

The reality is, the closer you get to wanting or needing to exit, the harder it becomes to take the steps to maximize value. So if you EVER want to sell, now’s the time to put “exit” in your DNA…

And great news… if you design your business for an amazing exit, you can always choose not to sell and still enjoy the benefits of your newly optimized business.

Is ExitDNA right for you? Hear From Mac…


Step-by-step frameworks to help create clarity, alignment, confidence, and ultimately the strategies you need to optimize your business.


Weekly meetings in a curated mastermind format with Mac, his team of experts, and your founder cohort (your peers).


Peer group accountability and founder advocacy. There’s no agenda other than enabling your personal execution and results.


Proprietary frameworks and real experiences to help you break out of “the grind” and infuse your business with ExitDNA to optimize your path.

Interested in optimizing your business ?



We work with Founders and Entrepreneurs who are ready to scale and optimize their business (for EXIT or a great lifestyle).

Greg Harron | Director, The Variable

“Mac’s vision, success, and mindset have been an inspiration to me…”

Having been deep in the trenches, starting from scratch, and being resourceful enough to dig his way to the top, Mac brings a unique perspective to the startup process and the art of identifying opportunities for disrupting a market. He has the vision, wisdom, and mindset to get things done and knows what it takes to be successful.

Spencer Leuders | Founder, 24Foundation

“Extraordinary mix of skills, vision, and experience.”

Mac is a natural go-to for those new to startups and those well versed. Mac has lived it, done it, and knows the space extremely well. Above all, Mac is uniquely able to frame the future through his extraordinary mix of skills, vision, and experience.

Each cohort is extremely limited so you are working directly with Mac and a small group of your peers. MasterClass sessions include hands-on facilitation, group interaction, and one-on-one with Mac to focus on YOU.

During the 8-week MasterClass, we’ll walk through the process below:

V.A.L.U.E Framework


This is our proprietary framework used to help you optimize goals, vision and execution. It is foundational work for ExitDNA.

Focusing on the Methods, Analytics, People and Systems you need in place so YOU aren’t the business. This is critical for scale, creating maximum value, and not getting trapped in your business.


M.A.P.S. Sessions

Explosive Leverage


Finding the 10x leverage in your model and implementing the CSF 90 framework (these often become your highest value selling points).

Empires are never built alone. We learn how to create teams to scale and to provide comfort to owners, investors, and future buyers.


FĒNX Teams

Leading People


As you scale, your leadership skills and approach will be a multiplier of success, and it becomes critical to infuse the ExitDNA into your core team.

In our final segment, we focus on the cadence needed for execution and performance and the steps you will take to turn ExitDNA into a tactical exercise.


Business Cadence


Scale-Focused Entrepreneurs Interested In Optimizing For Exit Value

The ExitDNA MasterClass is not designed for small business/lifestyle-minded owners. ExitDNA is for scale-focused entrepreneurs interested in optimizing their business for maximum value (exit value, income potential, freedom, impact, etc.)

Inside the MasterClass, founders work hard in a series of hands-on, facilitated one-on-one, and small group sessions. Admission to the MasterClass is by application only. To apply for an upcoming cohort, click below, and we’ll follow up with you directly.

There's no fee to apply, and you're not committing to join by applying.