Mac Lackey is an American Entrepreneur who has started, scaled and sold six companies (including multiple eight figure exits). Mac and his companies have been featured on CNN, The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, Business North Carolina, USA Today and The New York Times.

Notable ventures include: KYCK (acquired by NBC Sports), Mountain Khakis (acquired by Remington), and InternetSoccer Network (acquired by division of News Corp/Sky). He additionally served as a member of the Board of Directors for Lending Tree (NASDAQ: TREE) for over five years and is currently an angel investor in over 50 companies.


Laurie Aroch
Founder, Viva Day Spa

“Mac Lackey is an incredible resource, coach and inspiration. He has provided me with a great deal of support throughout this process. Being a part of ExitDNA allowed me to access value creation strategies I didn’t even know existed. The course has a ton of information, references and exercises to help shape the exit every founder dreams of. ExitDNA puts the seller in the driver’s seat and in control of the sale process. No one knows your business better than you, so don’t think a banker can do a better job than you!”

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- The power of creating an irresistible exit story and the best methods to help you do so
- The reason that optimizing for exit gives you more personal freedom, even if you don't sell
And much more…

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“More importantly than some of my work experiences noted above, I am a devoted husband and proud father of two amazing girls. The biggest thing that being an entrepreneur has done for me is give me true life. I have traveled the world (15+ countries over the past few years), lived abroad, met my idols, had 50 yard line season tickets to my favorite team (FC Barcelona), and never missed a Donuts with Dad or a chance to carve a pumpkin with my kids.”

“I have been working with Mac/ExitDNA for two years and cannot imagine ever leaving! The program and Mac have more than paid for itself. I can go on vacation, spend time with my family, empower my team while having scaled our business. When we do get acquired, it will be based on the story and opportunity the buyer has and not just numbers. I have learned an MBA level of knowledge! The one-on-one coaching and the connections I have made through ExitDNA are priceless. The cost of the program reflects that Mac is truly there to help entrepreneurs.”

Wendi Mathis Held
President, True Hero